With its two meetings per year, this conference has in twelve years become the main event in the HR community. The Congrès HR’ is above all a club where partners meet to think about professional challenges.

But it is all of the expertise that recognized practitioners who conceive of and carry out HR strategies in their respective enterprises, the sharing of stimulating case studies, and the introduction of offbeat viewpoints that give us something to think about and help reinvigorate our approaches.



  • 100 Presenters: Group DHR, DHR, experts, iconoclasts
  • 700 HR decision-makers from major companies in attendance: Human Resources Directors, Directors of Skills and Ability, Directors of Compensation & Benefits, Directors of Recruitment and Training…
  • 10 Themed talks organized in sessions (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) give you the opportunity to build your program à la carte according to the issues that concern you
  • Plenary Conferences in the presence of exceptional invitees
  • Special moments for promoting discussion, sharing best practices, expanding your network (round tables, sit-down lunches, cocktail, coffee breaks…)

Why these themes?
The set of issues broached were approved through an online HR study, interviews and meetings and the informed advice of our Steering Committee. Respect for this methodology guarantees the program’s pertinence and its current relevance to your most difficult challenges. The presenters and testimonials themselves were selected on the basis of the value they bring to the program.

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