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Starting with the employee buyback of Adhesion Group’s “Services” division, the Arcaneo company, specializing in the conception and organization of events in the field of HR, came into being in the spring of 2008.
In the beginning of 2009, Arcaneo joined the AEF Group, an independent press agency producing information useful to executives and officers in various key sectors.
For 13 years, the Arcaneo team has known how to construct and develop an efficient network that has expanded year after year.
Able to identify the current issues facing HR departments, to mobilize the most renowned Presenters, and wake up/stimulate the interest of an ever-growing number of Decision-makers, Arcaneo brings you events brimming with value-added content.

Arcaneo is every year:

+ than 30 events organized in Human Resources (Congrès HR’, Congrès LTD , les Rencontres de la Mobilité Internationale , Top DRH…), but also for the last 3 years in Finance, Information Systems…

+ than 15 Specialized Business Meetups bringing together supply and demand in the area of business meetings organized upstream (Top DRH, Training and Skills Strategy, Top E-Learning, Top DAF, Top DSI..,)

+500 Presenters and Experts involved with our events

And + than 5,000 participants.

Arcaneo distinguishes itself with 3 specific skills:
– Organization of conferences
– Organization of business meetings
– Organization of turnkey events for third parties

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